Character Pro

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Character Pro isn't quite the same as other screenwriting software products. Rather than focusing on the formatting of pages and the conventions of screen action and dialogue, Character Pro assesses character traits and relationships. The makers of Character Pro, like all good Hollywood screenwriters, understand that strong character development is at the core of any successful script.

Character Pro uses a well-known psychological technique in analyzing the originality and believability of the characters you create. The Enneagram Personality Typing System draws on the Sufi belief that all people may be categorized under one of nine typological groups. Some people may mix and match traits, while others may express one particular set of characteristics. In order to achieve a spiritual awareness, an individual must come to accept his or her role as one these nine embodiments.

More on Character Pro and Enneagrams

Using Enneagrams, this scriptwriting software corollary looks at the ways in which your characters interact. The program is able to spot strong relationships between players as well as ones that need clearer definition. Character Pro stops short of actually writing these characters for you, but the program can suggest ways for you to raise the dramatic stakes and cultivate more interesting scenarios.

If you need to build a character from scratch, Character Pro can help. By using the Enneagram, it can suggest personality traits that are lacking in other characters throughout your story or find ways to juxtapose two or more different qualities for a unique psychological profile. Of course, the program's ability to do this is solely dependent upon the information you feed it, so it helps to come to the table with at least some idea of who your characters are.

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