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Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Dramatica Pro Guides have sparked heated debate in screenwriting circles. That's because it's the job of Dramatica Pro Guides to help you craft your story using a series of programmed tools that many writers find loathsome. After all, how can a machine possibly offer relevant or useful ideas about a specific story that you've created? The best it can do is speak in variables that correspond with particular elements of your script.

On the other hand, there are some writers who swear by Dramatica Pro and say the product helps them approach their most intractable story problems in fresh ways. It may, for instance, ask you articulate your protagonist's central crisis. Or it may encourage you to emphasize the theme of your story in more tangible ways. Best of all, according to some writers, it will show you how the tweaks you make might impact other elements of your story, especially those in later acts.

Will Dramatica Pro Guides Help Me?

If you've never written a script before, Dramatica Pro Guides (or any other screenwriting software) is unlikely to hand you your first polished script. You may glean some valuable ideas from it or use it as an organizational tool, but to expect anything more is naive. Scriptwriting software in general is best put to use by writers who have conquered the basics of plot and structure, theme and dialogue. If you're still struggling with these elements, your money may be better spent on a screenwriting book or seminar.

The screenwriting business has witnessed a surge in the number of products that exploit fear and ignorance to make a quick buck. Just keep in mind that there are no instant solutions when it comes to writing for TV or movies. As one writer has famously said, success at screenwriting is composed of three parts--talent, luck, and discipline. Of these, you have control over exactly one.

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