Easy Budget

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Easy Budget is a popular choice among producers and accountants for several reasons. For one thing, Easy Budget is platform-agnostic, meaning its features are just as accessible through Windows or Macintosh machines. While most of the business world continues to opt for PCs, a goodly number of artists and other creative types simply cannot function without their Macs. The double-platform compatibility is therefore critical on shows where workers using differing systems must communicate.

Another facet of Easy Budget that appeals to producers is its versatility. There are two separate products available, one designed for filmmakers, the other for commercial producers. While there are clearly overlaps between the two, each form of production has its own particulars and therefore requires budgeting software tailored to that end. A one-size-fits-all approach to budgeting may work, but it's usually less than ideal.

Features of Easy Budget

The Easy Budget program is customizable in other ways that can help streamline accounting practices. Whether you're shooting a SAG picture, an AFTRA show, or a project affiliated with any other trade guild or association, you can work in a corresponding template. There may be IATSE or WGA rules that affect rates of pay for its members, many of whom are certain to be on board your show. If your production accounting program can't adjust to meet these varying standards, it could make your task that much harder.

While templates are helpful for a lot of rookie producers or accountant, those who know the ropes and know them well may wish to scrap these preset forms and start afresh. With Easy Budget, this is simple; you can disable any macros you wish, leave specific fields entirely blank, or change them to work effectively with your own practices. There's no single approach that's useful for all accountants, just as there are no two productions that are completely the same.

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