Final Draft Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Final Draft software is an industry standard throughout Hollywood. Along with Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro Guides, Final Draft is one of the most frequently turned-to solutions for those with great story ideas but less assurance about pulling them off. It's important to note here that no screenwriting software package will write your script for you, no matter what its manufacturer claims. That part is left to you.

If all you have, however, is a million-dollar idea, you can stretch it to the max with Final Draft software. Use the program to help you develop character bios and histories as well as brainstorm ideas for your plot's turning points. Then, once you've started writing, use Final Draft to catch omitted or misspelled words, accidental carriage returns, or out-of-turn speakers.

Premium Features of Final Draft Software

For those who like their software decked out for battle, choose a package that lets you "Ask the Expert" or communicate with fellow writers. Submit your queries through an interactive forum and have them answered by industry stalwarts who've fielded these questions hundreds of times before. If that doesn't help, use your Final Draft software to hook up over the Internet with writers who've experienced similar stumbling blocks.

When you're done, you can then use your scriptwriting software to register your screenplay through the Writers Guild of America. This allows you to protect your work by proving that the material was in your possession on a given date. You won't have to worry about registration until after you've finished writing, which is yet another impetus for you to dust off your script and get back to work.

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