Frame Forge 3d Bundles

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Frame Forge 3D bundles compile the most popular elements of storyboard software into one product. No longer do directors and storyboard artists have to employ one set-building program, one character generator, and a separate shot manager. With Frame Forge 3D bundles, all the important functionality is incorporated into one easy-to-use and powerful alternative.

The advances made in storyboard solutions have been so incredible that many directors and producers no longer need artists to accompany them on location scouts and preps. Moreover, the roles of the Production Designer, Prop Master, Set Decorator, and Costume Designer may be rolled back, as Frame Forge now offers built-in features that help with each of these tasks. See how a character looks in a new suit, or give your femme fatale the cigarette and gin she'll be holding when the cameras start to roll.

Visualize Your Shoot with Frame Forge 3D Bundles

Frame Forge 3D bundles let you visualize everything ahead of time, thanks to expanded set-building options, improved resolution, and outstanding object merging. Your storyboard artist need not imagine what your leading man will look like sitting back in a recliner and holding a bottle of whiskey. With great storyboard software, he or she can now situate those characters in thousands of possible blocking positions and add props with the click of a mouse.

Say, for instance, you need to see your bad guy making his escape in a getaway car. With Frame Forge and other powerful showbiz software you can click and drag your character to the car. Just by bringing the two icons together, the program understands that you hope to combine them in one of several possible ways. You can then see your bad guy on top of the car, underneath the car, or inside the car--whichever you choose.

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