Gorilla Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Low-budget productions in particular turn to Gorilla software to manage every facet of their shows. The makers of Gorilla understand the unique challenges posed by the "shoestring" mode of production in which everything must be procured for next to nothing. You may be able to pay your star (should you be lucky enough to find one) a nominal fee and a per diem, but other than that, your money is going toward the bare necessities. There are no custom trailers on shows of this size.

With Gorilla software, you can take charge of your vendor contacts, your shoot schedule, your "payables" and "receivables" ledgers, as well as your script breakdowns and one-liners. By combining all these features into one convenient package, the makers of Gorilla software let independent producers consolidate their duties and save time, which is arguably the most valuable commodity on any show. There's no longer any need to track down peripatetic ADs and production coordinators to find out where the cast needs to be after lunch or what time the crew needs to begin packing for a company move.

The Power of Gorilla Software

Many film production software packages provide some useful tools but leave major gaps as well. As a result, producers need to hunt down add-ons, upgrades, and whole new software products just to get the functionality they expected in the first place. It's almost as if the designers of such software have never worked on an actual film or TV set and have no conception of its maddening realities.

Gorilla software was created by folks who have spent years and years in the Hollywood trenches, both behind dollies and lighting kits and on the phone with caterers, location owners, and pyrotechnics experts. That familiarity with the real methods of production is reflected in showbiz software that makes hands-on applicability the number one priority. Whether it's through strict low-budget fund management, sophisticated scheduling techniques, or any other feature, Gorilla software helps indie producers plan, shoot, wrap, edit, and sell their projects with greater ease.

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