Written by Jeremy Horelick
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LA411 is the Hollywood's producer's one-stop source for information on everything under the sun. An essential for any LA-based filmmaker, TV producer, theater impresario, videographer, or musician, the local guide offers listings to just about every vendor in the Los Angeles basin. From sound stages and makeup artists to caterers and postproduction houses, anything your show might need is contained in its pages.

Say you're crewing up, and you need a number of "below-the-line" workers. Flip through the production information pages of your LA411 and find listings for grip crews, gaffers and electricians, stunt artists, and animal wranglers. Or maybe you're already shooting and you need a handful of day players to fill out your set. Browse the listings of extras agencies and other casting organizations.

More Listings in Your LA411

LA411 contains information on nurses and medics, prosthetics suppliers, underwater technicians, and a myriad of other specialists. Need a brave-hearted lion for a circus or wilderness scene? You can hook up with any number of trainers via one convenient directory. Perhaps you need a hair stylist, not for your star, but for the animals. With LA411, you can find someone to come in on the fly and do some "mane-taming."

There are a handful of books and manuals that all aspiring filmmakers simply must have if they hope to compete. Along with the Hollywood Creative Directory, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter, LA411 is a staple on office bookshelves and coffee tables. For production supplies, personnel, and industrial machinery such as generators and cranes, there are few resources as well regarded as LA411.

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