Movie Magic Screenwriters

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hollywood scribes tend to fall into two separate camps: Movie Magic screenwriters and Final Draft fans. Both screenwriting software packages have their pros and cons, but for the most part their core features are identical. Neither will ruin a multimillion-dollar idea, nor will it turn utter drivel into Academy Award-winning material.

Movie Magic screenwriters and their Final Draft counterparts tend to rave about the same features. One is the import-export function that allows users to work with material in any number of formats. If you've written a killer script in Microsoft Word (which many a tyro writer has done), both programs can make quick work of the text. There's no need for special adapters or drivers to make the programs recognize the work.

More Features Movie Magic Screenwriters Love

One of the great selling points of Movie Magic software for screenwriters is its interconnectivity with other Movie Magic programs. Say, for instance, you're independently writing, directing, and producing your film (pity you). Once you've finished getting your script in order, you may have ideas about casting, locations, and budget. You may have even already secured one or two of these elements. Movie Magic screenwriters can connect their scripts directly to their stripboards and one-liners to begin breaking it down for production.

Like Final Draft, Movie Magic also offers an interactive forum in which writers may contact one another and discuss story ideas, problems, and solutions. Any writer who's slogged through a painfully long second act knows how difficult this is and just how valuable other writers' input can be. Add to that a series of formatting and design macros that give your script a polished look, and you have a complete all-in-one package of tools to help you on your journey.

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