Movie Magic Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are several different Movie Magic software packages available through computer stores and online retailers, but two of these are more popular than the rest: Movie Magic Budgeting and Movie Magic Scheduling. The Movie Magic software for budgeting allows producers, financiers, and accountants to do anything a professional service could do. The scheduling software gives your entire cast and crew the ability to see production information at a quick glance.

Movie Magic Budgeting is so powerful that some producers may be tempted to fire their accountants and attempt to handle his or her duties instead. Even the basic version of this budgeting program can accommodate the creation of unlimited accounts and sub-accounts, adjustments based on poor estimates or an ever-changing financial picture, and the setting and readjusting of union fringe benefits. Create more than 25 different customized versions of accounting documents that all productions require. Add and delete accounts from your top sheet as often as necessary.

Movie Magic Software: Scheduling

Every production, no matter what its size, budget, or location, endures at least one major scheduling crisis. Add the words "per day" or "per hour" to the end of that sentence, and you've got the opinion of just about any AD (assistant director) who's ever worked. After all, no matter how well you plan, talent gets sick, cameras go lost, and weather simply refuses to cooperate. But without a reliable piece of scheduling software, you're usually left to improvise.

Movie Magic software for producers, ADs, and other schedulers is a critical tool for surviving these shakeups. With its help, you can instantly modify your shooting schedule, day-out-of-days, one-liners, and stripboards. Better still, you can then print out your changes on new call sheets and pass them around to every member of your crew. Just remember there's a good chance you'll have to print out successive versions once you're through.

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