Production Supplies

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are hundreds of various production supplies that every show requires, from industrial-sized machinery down to script brads. It's a full-time job managing the flow of production supplies, a job usually assigned to the production office manager, line producer, and the AD department (depending on the supplies in question). These workers must somehow devise a way to keep everyone from the lighting and sound crews to the actors themselves armed with the items they need.

On the production end, mismanagement of office supplies can quickly cause an avalanche. There are script pages, fax and printer toner cartridges, paper clips, brads, and other fasteners, "Sharpies," dry-erase boards and white-liners, staple guns, and a half a million other sundries that can take over even the most ample offices. This doesn't even begin to touch on equipment such as cameras and lenses, their cases, pepper kits, grip packages, C-stands, sand bags, and more.

Other Types of Production Supplies

There are, in addition to these standard items, film production software products for just about every department head. Your production designer, costumer, makeup and hair stylists, accountants, caterers, and transportation coordinators all routinely use software suites aimed at making these jobs more efficient. Beyond that, there is budgeting software and scheduling programs to worry about, screenwriting tools, and an array of other "extras" that can inundate a production.

The best way to handle all this chaos is to assign each department its own production supplies, then let each department head manage their distribution. That way, no single employee is responsible for delegating the hundreds of tasks that need to get done. It is, after all, the job of good software and other production supplies to improve efficiency and ease, not hinder it by creating exponentially more problems.

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