Screenwriting Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Some of the boldest innovations in showbiz software are being made in screenwriting software. No longer are writers shackled by generic word processing programs that make no allowances for the particulars of film writing. Instead, companies like Movie Magic and Final Draft are producing even more highly specialized programs with astonishing features.

One of the most recent improvements to wow users of screenwriting software is text-to-speech functionality. This feature lets you assign different human voices to each of your characters so you can hear how a given scene might read. Choose from a variety of "types" including male and female voices for black, white, young, old, high-pitched, or low-pitched characters.

Developments in Screenwriting Software

The latest strides in screenwriting software also include interactive features that allow you to chat with other writers. Screenwriting can be one of the most solitary and frustrating pursuits, so many writers embrace the chance to voice their problems and questions to other writers. With web-based forums for this exact purpose, it's much easier to get your protagonist out of an Act II funk or raise the romantic stakes between boy and girl in your Act III climax.

These bells and whistles aside, it's formatting macros that are generally the biggest draw for writers. Any good script writing software will focus on automating as much of the formatting process as possible, producing slug line, screen command, and character dialog positioning for you. This frees you up to focus on your writing, not the dozens of little style points and conventions that can distract you.

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