Expense Tracking

Written by Will Baum
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Expense tracking is just as important to you as accounts receivables tracking. The likelihood that you will incur expenses when handling a criminal defense case is high, and you need to get reimbursed for these charges. With expense tracking software, you can more easily keep a tally on any debts you incur while handling a case.

When you set up a web-based attorney software program, you also eliminate the need for extensive legal paperwork. Expense tracking is all done electronically, and all the information is saved to your database. This means that every invoice, letter, and receipt is saved to your client's file, on a totally secure server.

Expense Tracking the Easy Way

With web-based expense tracking, you do not have to worry about human error when dealing with calculations. The software system will handle all the computing for you, and keep running tallies of these expenses as they pertain to specific cases. You can have access to these files quickly and easily, from your desktop or laptop computer.

Another bonus to using expense tracking software is that this information is kept safe from outsiders. With layered security measures in place, you can access your information without any hassles, while an outsider would be locked out from these files. When you install your software, you will find that you must set up some access controls that will allow you and other authorized users onto the database. This is the ultimate protection in keeping your confidential information safe from outsiders.

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