Time And Expense Tracking

Written by Amy Hall
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One thing is for sure, when you are a reputable criminal defense attorney, you are going to have to find a way to keep accurate time and expense tracking. Many busy lawyers have multiple cases going on simultaneously, with barely enough time between meetings to take a breath. This often means that an accurate account of time gets lost in the shuffle.

Ultimately, this translates into billing problems because you may either overestimate or completely underestimate a client's bill. Many busy law firms have begun to use attorney software to help them with time and expense tracking specifically. It is just not fun to get angry phone calls from clients who believe that you grossly overcharged them for your time. Likewise, it does not help your cash flow situation if you grossly underestimate the actual time and money you spent working on a case.

Working Solutions with Time and Expense Tracking Software

The best solution to this common dilemma is to implement a time and expense tracking software system that will keep the hours and dollars straight for you. You simply plug in the numbers as you are dealing with a specific case, and the software saves the information you supplied. At a later date, if you go back in and add or subtract items, the lawyer software will compute the changes.

You can also get additional help with form letters that you may need to send out to clients that are late with payments. These letter templates are very professional, and they can act as friendly reminders to your clients who have fallen behind. You will likely find that this software more than pays for itself merely because it will save you a great deal of time, money, and aggravation in the long run.

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