Convert Lotus Notes

Written by Amy Hall
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Many times users of Lotus decide to convert Lotus Notes into Microsoft Excel. While this process can take up quite a chunk of time, it often pays off in the long-run. These conversions into Excel can produce detailed charts and reports from Notes data.

When a user converts Lotus Notes into Excel, they also derive the benefits of attaching and reattaching files without having to do so manually. Lotus Notes Software allows users to transfer Notes data to and from Excel, as well as edit and save file attachments. These conversion applications offer web-enabled Microsoft office integration, Excel reports and charts, improved field exchange, and mail merge.

Time Is of The Essence

When a user chooses to convert Lotus Notes into Excel, they have to have some time on their hands to spare. The conversion process, depending on the individual file, can take hours, sometimes even a day. This can seem like an eternity when you are trying to conduct business in a timely fashion.

Fortunately, the Lotus Notes Conversion applications tend to be helpful in speeding up the process as much as possible. While not every file can be converted quickly, most files can be changed over to Excel in an acceptable time frame. The user must determine if the conversion to Excel will really change the overall effect of the file, and if the answer is yes, then conversion time is worth the wait.

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