Lotus Excel

Written by Amy Hall
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Are you looking for a way to transfer Lotus Notes data to and from Word or Excel? Lotus Excel is made possible by Version 3 of Swing Integrator for Notes and Office. This Lotus Notes software allows you to transfer Notes data to and from Word or Excel, as well as edit and save file attachments in Domino Web applications.

Swing Software has released Version 3 of its original Lotus Notes 3.0. The new version offers web-enabled Microsoft Office integration, Excel reports and charts, improved field exchange, and mail-merge. The capabilities are excellent when using Lotus Excel applications in a business environment.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits are many when working in the arena of Lotus Excel. Instead of manually attaching and reattaching files, users can create Microsoft Office documents from templates, edit them, and share them securely within the Notes environment. Other important features include two-way field exchange, mail merge, labels printing, and creating Excel reports and charts from Notes data.

This software also includes design elements that developers can use in any Notes/Domino application in three steps, without writing code. Users can customize the predefined GUI elements and messages or localize them into any language. Working with Lotus and Excel has never been easier, and businesses appreciate the time-saving tools that allow them to succeed in their daily operations.

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