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Written by Amy Hall
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Computer technology is in a constant forward motion. Every day, new innovations help us to run our personal and business lives more smoothly. However, before these innovations can really do their job of making life easier, they have to be understood. Computer technology can be confusing to the average person, however, the proper research and support can make the world of computer software less intimidating for everyone.

Lotus Notes was first introduced to the market in 1989, promising a better way of communicating within the business framework. Lotus Notes software redefines the concept of conducting business with innovative ways of connecting ideas, thinkers, buyers, sellers, and communities in an on-demand world. Lotus Notes offers ground-breaking technology to businesses with the aim of supporting their climb to success.

The History of Lotus Notes

The history of Lotus goes back to 1989, when the first Lotus Notes was introduced to the public. This introduction revolutionized the way people worked with computers, as well as with each other.

In 1995, Lotus joined with IBM, the world's largest technology company. Today, as one of the four brands of the IBM software group, Lotus software draws on the deep research and development capabilities of IBM to continue the proud heritage of innovation. Lotus software helps customers worldwide to improve human productivity by changing how people work together.

What Is Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes is a database-driven groupware application that manages information for many users on the network to communicate, collect, and share database documents following a client/server model. Basically, Lotus Notes combines first-class messaging, calendar, and scheduling capabilities with a robust platform for collaboration applications. Lotus helps people to communicate better and with greater ease, thus allowing for the flow of business to run its course with less obstructions.

It is difficult to act on information without knowing how the pieces fit together. The connections and relationships between information make the difference between static information and usable information. The Lotus family of products gives businesses an effective method of communication, which allows for greater output, and an altogether better end result.

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