Lotus Notes Export

Written by Amy Hall
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Lotus Notes Export is a menu add-in tool that enhances Lotus Notes ability to import word-processed documents and export native Notes for use with word processing applications and publishing standards. Import/Export document for Lotus Notes Professional also provides conversion services from an open note. In addition, this service also allows the user to link attachments when exporting notes.

Lotus Notes Export permits business users to export data or reports to PDF, Excel, HTML, and Text formats. With this Lotus Notes software, users can analyze data in CRM, sales, financial, and employee databases and transform Notes data into valuable information. Notes data is viewed in a spreadsheet-like front end where it can be queried, grouped, sorted, filtered, or compiled on the fly.

Exporting With Lotus

Using Lotus Notes tools that enable the user to export Notes quickly and reliably is an invaluable service for companies today. Communication is key to conducting daily business. Lotus Notes Export just makes communicating easier.

This exporting application serves many functions. It allows the business user to export all the data in a Notes view to HTML or text, as well as export formatted column reports. Utilizing these Lotus tools benefits users by easing the manner in which they communicate within the framework of e-business.

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