Lotus Notes Import

Written by Amy Hall
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Lotus Notes Import is an add-in that gives you the power to import your Lotus Notes View data directly into MS Access and create proper SQL formatted tables. With these Lotus Notes software applications, you can import the data off a Notes Server or from a local NSF file. You can also choose to create a new table or append an existing table.

Best of all, when using Lotus Notes Import, there are no complicated ODBC drivers or any other installation process required. The Notes add-in cleans your field names by removing spaces and converting non-SQL passable characters into an underscore. View columns that have no name are given a field name as a column number.

Importing Made Easy

Another bonus of Lotus Notes Import is that you can save the specifications of an import to easily rerun the import again and to keep track of your imports, a log is kept of when each import was last run. You can also automate routine reporting, data updating, or archiving. Once you have your data imported into MS Access, you can do more with your data and go beyond what Lotus Notes can do alone.

With this add-in, you are also able to join data, create relationships, write queries, and work with record sets. The Notes software has made all of these tasks possible, as well as easy. Businesses are benefiting from all of the services offered by Notes, and their employees are grateful for the ease with which they can perform their jobs.

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You will have to do it manually. The back ofcfie will only give you options to do your contacts from your email weather gmail/msn ect Not social networks. In the customer address book, it give you an option to IMPORT. Click on that and import your email contacts.