Lotus Notes Software

Written by Amy Hall
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Lotus Notes Software has come a long way since its introduction in the late eighties. IBM has taken the original Lotus Notes and branched out, offering many new add-ons that make business communications easier. Utilizing Lotus Notes tools has never been easier, and businesses are finding that the benefits keep getting bigger and bigger.

In 1989, the first Lotus Notes 1.0 was released to the public. It offered business users the ability to import/export documents, use electronic mail without having to open your private mail file, access control lists which determine who gets to use each database and to what extent, as well as online support. Lotus Notes 1.0 Release was revolutionary in 1989, offering many capabilities that users simply did not have access to before its inception.

Bigger and Better

The next Lotus Notes Software to hit the market was Release 2.0 in 1991. This software was originally geared toward the small- to medium-sized business. However, as businesses worldwide began to buy up Lotus Notes in great quantities, Lotus realized it had to make changes to accommodate the sales growth.

Lotus Notes Software went on to Release 3.0, Release 4.0, Release 4.5 (also known as Domino 4.5), Release 5.0, and finally Notes/Domino 6. With each new Release, the software was designed to perform reliably and with greater capabilities. All the while, the goal of Lotus has been to supply outstanding software to companies, while providing excellent customer support, thus creating a win-win situation for everyone.

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