Lotus Notes Utility

Written by Amy Hall
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Lotus Notes Utility is basically a technological service that allows users to modify their existing Lotus Notes Software. Many companies offer these services to users of Lotus Notes, allowing them to have better control over mail issues or address books. These utilities are designed to reduce human error and provide stability for the Notes mail system.

Lotus Notes Utility is an innovator in Notes mail control, helping organizations manage Notes mail enterprise-wide with robust, intuitively-designed, easy to use applications. Lotus Notes administrators from organizations around the world have turned to these utilities for mail management solutions that make sense.

Features of Notes Utilities

Useful features of these Notes mail utilities are many. End users are able to retrieve old messages with one click instead of the eight-step retrieval system offered by Lotus. End users can also help themselves to their archival mail and Lotus Notes administrators can get a product that molds to their overall mailing needs.

The ability to better control mail is a benefit of Lotus Notes Utility. End users appreciate a utility that can notify them of new incoming messages on their Lotus Notes mail server. It is also beneficial to be able to retrieve old mail with one click, instead of having to take the time to go through multiple steps.

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