4u Rack Mount Servers

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Increasingly, companies require a whole range of servers to provide adequate network solutions. Two or more dedicated servers can provide a more stable and flexible system. The major advantages here are security and speed, in addition to expandability.

For example, an email server, a file server, a print server and a network server may be needed to begin with, once you realize that your single-server system is failing you. These may also be referred to as front end servers and back end servers (the former being dedicated to email and the Web, and the latter to storage and so on). Connecting all these servers up to the system can be a headache.

Trouble-Free Expansion

Rack mount servers can address a lot of the issues. One very important aspect of using rack mount servers is that the various components then become hot swap. This means that they can be added and removed from the system without bringing the system down or causing power shorts. For large networks this is often a critical issue.

If you'd like to gradually make the changeover from one server to a series of dedicated servers, rack mounted solutions will probably be essential. If you envisage a great deal of expansion, they are the only solution. A 4U rack mount and above will allow you to install expansion cards without using risers. If you need a solution that will support desktop computers, 4U rack mount is an ideal and cost effective solution.

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