Case Tracking Software

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Case tracking software is used in several different industries to perform various functions. It is quite often used by call centers and help desks to log customer complaints as well as their requests for support. Software of this type is also widely used throughout the legal community to manage their vast caseloads.

Healthcare Case Tracking Software

Another industry that has benefited greatly from the use of case tracking software is the healthcare field, primarily because everyone in the field must maintain extensive records on every person they saw and the services they provided to them. Additionally, if they are relying on a government healthcare program or private health insurance to approve and eventually pay their claims, they are required to submit documentation which thoroughly explains the diagnosis and the course of treatment prescribed.

Many of the case tracking software products used in the healthcare industry can be used in conjunction with Palm OS-based applications or other handheld devices. This makes the instruments rather practical for use while out in the field, such as when providing in-home healthcare or rehabilitative services. Generally, the systems can be configured so that the data can be transmitted directly to the user's desktop computer or it can be uploaded later when the provider returns to the office.

The software can usually be adapted to fit patient's personal needs, prompting the caregiver to provide individualized treatments. This gives the healthcare provider the added comfort of knowing that they are safely and efficiently attending to their particular patients' needs. So regardless of the specialty, case tracking software can be an effective tool for monitoring the patient's progress from admission to recovery.

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