Charity Software

Written by Linda Alexander
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Many charities today are finding that their charity software needs are being met best through outsourcing with companies known as Application Service Providers (ASPs). The ASP provides software to you, and resides on their computer. You simply access it over the Internet with your browser.

Renting Charity Software

With this type of solution, you rent the charity software instead of buying it. For example, instead of buying the software, you might "rent" it by paying a monthly charge to your ASP. Most likely, with this type of solution, you will also store your data on the provider's server instead of your own.

Acquiring charity software this way has countless advantages. First, you get to pay as you go, which is much more affordable for most nonprofits, who often cannot buy expensive packages. You will have everything you need to run the software successfully, and you won't need customized applications or an IT expert. Often, ASPs include tech support, software maintenance, and upgrades.

Another benefit is that you can access the software from anywhere in the world. So, while your staff is out raising funds, soliciting donations, or hosting events, they will still be able to check in with the home office and perform tasks that once were only done in the office. No matter what size your organization, an ASP is likely to have a solution that will work for you, so consider this option before investing in expensive software that you don't need.

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