Computer Integration

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many different industries today call for some degree of computer integration. This is the use of high tech computer systems in integration with mechanical systems. The technology and processes call for state-of-the-art knowledge in many fields.

Engineers in this field must not only be experts at computer/machine interfacing, but are also required to have a high level of knowledge in fields such as robotics and motors and controls. Computer integration has applications in a wide range of fields, such as air traffic control, medical engineering, and many others.

The Age of Computer Integration

Computer integrated manufacturing is faster, more efficient and even safer than manufacturing without the aid of computer chips. More importantly though, you can get a far higher degree of precision with computer-machine integration than you can with machines that rely solely on human judgment.

Networking machines and computers is done through local area networking. While the initial setup may be somewhat complicated, the results are exceptional. Areas of development that still remain, however, are enabling computers to cope with the irregularities that are introduced by the machine and human elements of the manufacturing equation. This, of course, varies from company to company.

One of the most important parts of machine-human-computer interface systems is the integration server. These are designed and set up in such a way that when a new component is added, it is automatically integrated with the rest of the system. Integration servers may use a wide variety of programs, according to purpose.

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