Digital Locker Rooms

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Lots of aspects of our lives are still undergoing transformation as we sail further into the information age. Many companies now have workers who work form home, and many school and university students now do a large part of their studying--if not all of it--from home. This new arrangement has given rise to increasingly comprehensive computer system requirements.

Solutions for Developing Needs

Just one result of technology evolving to meet the new demands is the digital locker room. This is a valuable resource indeed for any educational or commercial setup where many individuals need access to a central computer system, or intranet. The digital locker room is essentially a place where individuals can store or retrieve information, and where groups can get together for any reason.

This accessibility is totally versatile and can be accessed from anywhere in the world by means of a password system. It is a time and effort saver for both students and teachers. Imagine the possibilities for marking homework and handing out assignments, for example.

A digital locker room means that everyone can maximize their use of available facilities. The potential for collaboration and managing of projects is unlimited, both in terms of size and location. The system can even be used to facilitate collaboration by multiple schools or educational institutions with the minimum of human effort.

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