Direct Attached Storage

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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In today's business environment, storage of information is just as critical as it ever was. Every organization, no matter what they do, needs to store their information conveniently and securely. The only variation is how they choose to achieve this aim.

Main Methods of Network Storage

Basically, there are three main methods of network storage. To begin with, there are storage area networks (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS). While there are a few other storage options for those with special needs, these two, plus direct attached storage (DAS) are by far the most common options. DAS is the cheapest of the three, and so it is used more widely.

DAS is the cheapest simply because all you need to do is connect hard drives to a server or workstation with a local interface, which could either be FireWire, SCSI, or USB. It isn't always the right solution though. Whatever your needs, storage is easier when you use NAS rather than DAS, as it doesn't require personnel to make changes.

While SAN is expensive to install, it does have one huge advantage. It can survive equipment failure of various types, which are often disastrous to DAS systems, and is therefore a better option for some. If you use DAS it is essential to back up. The cost of losing a database is just one of the possibilities that have to be factored in when choosing the method of storage that is right for you.

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