Email Servers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Email has now become a major form of business communication. Many organizations deem it far more critical than the regular mail. It offers a super-fast, cheap form of reliable communication that allows the pace of business to go forward at a speed compatible with what's required in today's business environment. What's more, email can be accessed at any time, and in any place, particularly now that wireless connectivity is a reality for many employees.

Having your own email server can save your company a lot of time and trouble. What kind of email server software you use will depend on your business setup. It is large or small? Do you have websites or not? How many different services would you need?

Small with a Need for Speed?

For example, if you're a small setup, operating without a website, you may only need to run POP3 mail accounts. However, if you have a website and will be running several email accounts through it, you'll also need an SMTP service. If you have IMAP on your server, then you can also access email through existing email clients such as Outlook, Netscape Messenger or Eudora, for example.

There are many other types of service you may need for your organization. If you're unsure of your needs it may pay to consult an expert on this. One thing you will always need to consider though is antivirus. This is especially critical for a server; if it is hit by a virus, all users will instantly have trouble. Since no one has time to waste, it makes sense to acquire an email server package that can be set up and initialized in the shortest time possible. Ease of operation is a critical factor for many organizations.

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