Impression Lcd Monitors

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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The best of the new flat screen LCD monitors can offer a totally new experience with your PC, whether used as a home computer or a workstation. Most of us buy an LCD flat screen because they give a clearer, more colorful image than the older CRT screens. The advantages of LCD, however, are basically shape and resolution.

The Monitor with the Smaller Footprint

They're thinner, and much lighter in weight than CRT screens, so they don't take up as much room on the desk. Compare the amazing one to three inches of LCD compared with up to 24 inches for a CRT monitor. This can make a tremendous difference in offices where space is at a premium. They have the advantage regarding appearance too; they look much more up to date and businesslike. One big advantage that they have over LCD is that there's no screen burn-in effect.

Not all LCD monitors are of the same standard. Impression LCD monitors out-perform many other makes. They've minimized the screen's footprint so that it gives you a full 70 percent more space than a traditional LCD screen.

They do have drawbacks though. LCD has issues with viewing from an angle. With the old CRT screens, you can see images clearly, even from an angle. With LCD you have to be seated immediately in front of the screen. In addition, poor contrast ratios can be a problem with LCD screens. For many, though, the biggest drawback with LCD monitors is still the higher price: they cost a good deal more than CRT monitors.

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