It Asset Management

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Smaller businesses, although they may benefit from organized listing of their IT assets, will not benefit as much as larger organizations. A superb IT asset management program will really make a difference for larger operations for whom keeping track of the hardware, software, networks and so on can be a nightmare.

The right software program can create order out of chaos and give you back your sanity. Although most businesses are now using software programs to keep track of all kinds of assets, surprisingly few are actually using software to keep track of IT hardware and applications including networks. This is a necessary step though, given the problems that unlicensed software can cause, and the disaster that might ensue if your computers along with their sensitive data should fall into the wrong hands.

IT Organization and Planning

Accurate tracking can help you plan new purchases. Not only that, but analysis of what you've already got, where it is and what it's doing will help to ensure that future purchases are exactly what you need to enlarge your operation or improve efficiency. You will be able to plan for a system upgrade when it becomes necessary and the changeover can be implemented with as little disruption as possible.

You will be able to identify hardware and software that is not pulling its weight. In addition to a decision not to buy any more of the same, you can also decide if it's worth keeping the offending items in operation. Tracking will also help to ensure that you have enough licenses for software to go round among your hardware stations. Instead of thinking that maybe you can't afford to have enough licenses, perhaps reading about what happens when you don't will convince you that you can't afford not to have them.

Taking a look at the asset management software available you'll quickly be able to see that keeping track of your IT assets is not going to be difficult. The advantages that come with it more than make up for any initial effort. Once your system is established it will more or less take care of itself.

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