It Security

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Often one of the most expensive sectors of a business's assets is its IT equipment. For this reason, hardware is at great risk in most companies. It is a target for thieves and steps should be taken to safeguard these valuable business assets. Keeping an accurate and up to date database of all your IT equipment is now a basic part of good business practice that will help you to protect your valuable equipment.

Perhaps the greatest threat to IT security though is the virus. It can be difficult for busy personnel to ensure that all antivirus capabilities are kept up to date. The importance of vigilance in this regard cannot be overstated. It only takes a split second of surfing without an up to date antivirus program, or for one infected email to be carelessly opened for an entire business network to be taken down.

New Security Threats

Reading the occasional headlines when a bank's IT system has been compromised will give you some idea of the headache that results. Anyone doing business over the Internet should sit and imagine what would happen if someone hacked into their system and stole the credit card details of all of their customers. It has happened, and far more often than banks and online businesses care to admit. Far better to stay preemptive on the issue of IT security. A good IT management software program can make the administration of antivirus programs and firewalls a simple process. Regular monitoring is necessary, because antivirus capabilities can fall behind in hours. Once an update becomes available it is critical to make sure that all computers on a network are updated.

Firewalls are just as important as good antivirus protection. An even greater threat than a virus can come in the shape of a data miner or keylogger. Either of these two menaces can literally bring a business down. A keylogger can transmit to a remote location every stroke that a person is typing. Imagine the implications for sensitive business information here. Similarly, data miners can transmit key information from one computer to another. Keeping an accurate record of protection from all of these threats is an essential part of business now.

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