Job Bidding

Written by Kimberly Clark
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With the increasing tendency of businesses outsourcing work, chances are if you stay in the workforce long enough, you will eventually have to submit a bid to obtain a job. So what is job bidding? Basically, it is the process of preparing a formal estimate of what it would cost you and the client to perform a job before actually being awarded the work.

The definition may be straightforward, but a lot of factors go into formulating an acceptable job bid. The first task is to make sure you fully understand all the aspects of the job you are bidding on. In addition, you want to make sure you meet all the qualifications and provide all the information requested in the bid package.

The Price Is Right

Unfortunately, a large number of buyers base the decision as to what bid that will ultimately accept solely on what it will cost them. This may tempt bidders to grossly underbid a job in hopes of getting it. However, in the long run, this will negatively impact the bidder's bottom line.

More often than not, this cost cutting shows up in the quality of the contractor's work. Furthermore, if the quality of work is extremely poor, it can prevent the bidder from being awarded any future contracts from the buyer. To prevent this from happening, a bidder should consider investing in job bidding software that will assist them in preparing a competitive yet accurate bid.

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