Network Management

Written by Patricia Skinner
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As the threat from hackers and viruses grows across the Internet, good business network management becomes increasingly critical. Failure to track and monitor all use of your network can result in failure of your business. The situation is that serious. There are at any one time, hundreds of individuals who make it their business to access computers and networks and commit untold damage for personal gain, and in some cases just for kicks.

Hacking is now entering the arena of organized crime, as the big boys in crime realize the easy pickings from businesses and individuals who leave their computers unprotected while in use. Stealing a business's vital information can be very profitable to some people, so never underestimate the dangers of outside interference in your network.

Common Network Dangers

Most internal network disasters, however, are caused by simple faults in the system. Unauthorized personnel may suddenly find themselves in areas of the network that are highly sensitive. Areas of the network may go down taking vital information with them.

The good new is that the right management network system can protect you from all threats, whether internal or external. Monitoring for performance and faults should be standard. It is possible to have a system that will alert administrators whenever personnel access the system, thus providing protection against unauthorized access. The same management system can be used to monitor antivirus and firewall protection for all components of the network.

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