Network Tools

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Any good network management software will include a range of network tools that will enable you to perform all the tasks you desire. Chief among these are network analysis and security. Other tasks may be adding new hardware or software to the system.

Being able to tell at a glance how a network is functioning can serve a number of purposes. Being able to tell if a program or function is slowing the network is useful. It allows administrators to keep network functionality at its best. But perhaps the most important network tool is one that allows administrators to tell at a glance if their system has been breached.

Beating the Hackers

While network function tools are essential, network security tools are fast moving into first place in importance. Hacking was once the domain of the crazy kid with a chip on his shoulder. Now the big boys of crime are becoming aware of the potential takings when they manage to hack into a big business network. There have already been many incidences of hackers stealing large numbers of credit card holder information, or even hacking directly into a bank and transferring funds from private accounts. Most of these events are downplayed as much as possible, because businesses have a lot to lose if customers lose confidence.

Meanwhile, hackers are perfecting their skills. Businesses owe it to themselves and to their customers to utilize secure network administration programs along with antivirus software and firewalls to protect their systems. Having full and legitimate coverage is to protect their business and contribute to the united business front against crime on the Internet.

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