Non Profit Organization Management

Written by Linda Alexander
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Non profit organization management is often outsourced to professional management companies. They can handle running your organization, from soup to nuts! They will answer phones and provide member services, marketing, accounting, and event management. Best of all, in many cases this can be done for less than the cost of hiring staff.

Just about any function you can think of can be outsourced when it comes to non profit organization management. Still, some non profits like to have their own offices with a small staff of one or two people and some part time help. In this instance, you could have staff handle the basic day to day operations, while outsourcing the seasonal tasks like event planning and membership mailings.

Managing Non Profit Organization Management

If you decide to hire staff for non profit organization management, keep the following scenarios in mind. Consider how you will handle it when staff decides to move on to another job. How will you handle recruiting new personnel and training them? Consider not just salary, but taxes and workmen's compensation, plus time off. Also add in the costs of leasing office space, buying computers, and other bills like phone and fax lines.

Other organizations find that a hybrid method works best. They have their own staff to manage the office, and where the staff lacks skills or time, the organization outsources to a management company. This works well logistically for many organizations, and is cost-effective as well. If you are considering a setup like this, talk to other non profits and see what their solutions are.

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