Written by Patricia Skinner
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The kind of notebook computer you buy will depend on a large extent on what you want to do with it. If your prime demands are for a lightweight machine that will allow you to make notes and perhaps make simple presentations, you'll probably go for a smaller model. It will in all likelihood weigh under five pounds and have a Centrino processor.

In addition, you'll need a battery that will take you through a presentation and perhaps a long meeting without flagging. Look for one that will clock up five to six hours at least, unless you're prepared to lug a second battery around with you. The problem with that arrangement is that it will to a certain extent cancel out any advantage of a lightweight machine.

Need a PC Replacement?

For those who need to carry a lot of work around with them, and who have a need for memory-gobbling software, one of the PC replacement notebooks might be more suitable. These are so called because they have larger memory capabilities than the smaller notebooks, and typically weigh seven pounds or more.

If your main requirement is a machine with lots of memory and speed to cope with gaming or high degree of multimedia requirements, then you may pick a notebook with an AMD Athlon processor. The primary requirements for such activities are a lot of memory. You can typically find these models with upwards of 1GB RAM, and if they're gaming models there will be additional megabytes of VRAM. These are heavier though, so be prepared for a weight of about seven pounds.

The whole point of a notebook is mobility. To this end, all of the new models are being sold with Wi-Fi capabilities. Make sure your new machine is Wi-Fi certified so that you can access the Internet or your private network from anywhere you happen to be.

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