Oscar Clusters

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Oscar clusters are servers run on the Oscar open source cluster application resource. Open source refers to software for which the source code is open to anyone, free of charge. In the same way that they can use it, they can also add to it and modify it as they please, and either choose to keep the result for themselves, or offer it back to the public as further open source resources.

Development of the Oscar Project

Oscar provides a complete software application for cluster server computing. The project was initiated in April 2000, with the first set of code being released one year later. What began as a "best practices" program, has now matured and developed to include the installation, maintenance and operation of cluster servers.

More lately, the Oscar has developed into other paradigms. We now also have Thin Oscar, which is a diskless cluster solution, and High-Availability Oscar, which is designed to embrace fault-tolerant architecture. A number of groups have evolved to allow Oscar uses of whichever type to register their development of the basic Oscar program.

This allows for pooling of resources and is the best way to achieve optimum development of the code. With increased communication between themselves, Oscar users are likely to arrive at solutions that may not have happened had they been working by themselves. The current version of Oscar is 4.1 which was released in April, 2005.

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