Print Management Software

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Part of the job of any IT department is print management. Fortunately, the right software can make anyone a print management expert. While there are still a great number of traditional publishers in existence, the number of in-house publishing departments for IT and business is overwhelmingly greater, both for reasons of expediency and cost cutting. This is great if you want software that is oriented towards any of the commercial applications for printed matter, because there is now a lot of choice in this regard.

Basically, what you'll be looking for in print management software is a program that will allow you to cut costs and reduce the time it takes to get material into print. Speed is everything in today's business environment; if you're slow, someone else will beat you to it. That's not all there is to it, however.

Companies are constantly striving to distinguish themselves and to illustrate to potential clients their superiority in the field. Print management is just one way of fulfilling these objectives. The different types of print that a company might need are direct mail, point of sale literature and packaging. These are all opportunities to excel. Good software can make excelling that much easier for you. If you don't tell customers how good your products are, and if the literature is not professional enough, then you'll be losing sales.

Getting the Right Software

While the software you use will probably stay fairly constant once you have it, you may use different methods of achieving your objectives in printed matter. You may hire in-house personnel. If you're a medium to large organization you'll almost certainly have some permanent print-department personnel. Then, you will have times when you need to hire personnel on a temporary basis to help you with rush jobs.

Here, you'll need software and a system that is easy to understand. When choosing a supplier of print management software, look for a company that has experience and that can offer you adequate after-sales support. They may even have some way of training your personnel, whether temporary or permanent, so that you can maximize your results and your time saving.

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