Project Management Software Packages

Written by Linda Alexander
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Project management software packages can help any project, from the most simple to the most complex. Prices range between $50 and $20,000. As you can see, there is a huge range of capability with this type of software. Therefore, it's best to define your needs before spending any money.

Managers and Project Management Software Packages

Remember that the software you choose is only as strong as its weakest project manager. If you don't already know how to organize a project, assign tasks, and communicate with your team, the software will be no use to you. But for those who manage projects on a daily basis, it can certainly make their lives easier. If your company works on a project by project basis, project management software packages will enhance productivity and keep your managers on track.

Before you purchase anything, it helps to know what type of data you want to track with the project management software packages. For example, you might need to keep track of who completes assignments, specific tasks to be completed, and costs associated with each part of the project. Naturally, you will also want to be able to build a timeline and generate reports for your boss.

You might choose to go with an off the shelf program like File Maker Pro, or have one custom built to your specifications. There are also web based software solutions where your entire team can access the software from wherever they are. So if you are in different offices around the world, or have traveling members, or even if you are all sitting in the same room, each team member will be able to check the status of the project and know what step comes next.

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