Rack Cabinets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For anyone dealing with multiple servers, there will be a space problem unless racks are used. Racks allow the placement of any number of computers and related hardware so that they are stacked one on top of the other. The advantage of having all your servers and other computer equipment in racks is obvious. There is no other alternative that will save you so much room and provide such a great degree of convenience.

Improving the View

The only restrictions will be that racks are designed in a standard 19 inch format so any equipment not complying with this dimension won't fit. Open racks are supremely simple to install and assemble with your equipment. You only need to screw your hardware into the rack, using the slots provided. You can have free standing racks, or wall mount racks. Often the only drawback is the appearance of your gear, once it is all stacked in racks.

It can look a little raw. If appearances matter to you, then you might like to consider enclosing all your technology within specially designed rack cabinets. These can also be free standing or wall mounted. If you are planning any type of expansion, beware of buying computer racks that will limit this. Rack cabinets come in all sizes; it is better to either buy them larger than what would meet your needs at present, or ensure that you have sufficient space to install further cabinets as and when the need arises. In addition, consider valuable extras that will enhance ease of use, such as sliding drawers for equipment that you need to access on a regular basis.

There is of course another aspect to using rack cabinets. You will automatically be increasing the security of your system from mishaps and from deliberate sabotage. Indeed, some rack cabinets are actually referred to as security cabinets. Pick cabinets that can be locked if you need this extra security.

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My daughter puerhascd pre-made cabinets when the redid their kitchen and she is just thrilled with them. They were very well made and are nicely finished. With what they saved they were able to put in granite countertops and a farm style kitchen sink- xo Diana