Rehabilitation Systems

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Rehabilitation is commonly defined as a systematic approach to treating or attempting to correct a physical, mental or social disability. In general, people in need of rehabilitative services have some affliction or circumstance that renders them disadvantaged members of the community. Thus, most rehabilitation systems include a series of therapies, counseling, and other training programs which are geared toward helping their disadvantaged clients cope with the impairments.

Physical Therapy

People with severe physical injuries or disabilities may require physical therapy to improve the functioning of their muscles, bones or joints. Physical therapy is a form of treatment that is administered by mechanical means. The methods used for treatment might include exercise, massage, light or heat.

Speech Therapy

Therapy to correct or improve a client's communication skills is called speech therapy. Common methods of treatment include tongue exercises or speech drills, to correct afflictions like stuttering. It might also include teaching the individual sign language.

Occupational Therapy

Since many disabilities will never be cured, many rehabilitation systems focus on educating clients on how to function within their own limitations. In addition to those with physical or mental disabilities, rehabilitative education might also be provided to people that are reentering society, such as war veterans, parolees, former welfare recipients, and those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Services that are provided under this rehabilitation system are often referred to as vocational training or occupational therapy.

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