Scheduling Software

Written by Linda Alexander
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If you are spending an inordinate amount of time on scheduling, it might be time to invest in scheduling software. If you are still using a pencil and paper to schedule, it's likely that the right software will help you streamline these tasks and save you time in the long run. Also, a dedicated scheduling software package, or one that is linked to other task software, will help you avoid double booking rooms and events.

Double booking resources can cost much in terms of lost time and bad PR. Software that alerts you to conflicts is probably less expensive in comparison. It is also a whole lot more reliable than your trusty pencil and appointment book. Scheduling software can help you best use the resources you already have. It will enable you to see what is available, and save money on purchasing new resources if you don't really need them.

Most scheduling programs today are easy to export to hand-held computers so that people's schedules can easily be synchronized. Reporting is easy, too, and something you probably have trouble doing with your current system. There are even web-based applications that update schedules in real-time so everyone who needs to be alerted to schedule changes will know when they occur, and never miss an important meeting again.

Scheduling Software Trials

Most scheduling solutions are also incredibly affordable. Nonprofits are almost always on a tight budget, but the price of these software packages is minimal compared to what you might lose in terms of time and frustration, especially when accidentally double booking facilities. Even if you find that the system does not work for you, you will have lost little in the way of time or dollars if you just try a new program on a temporary basis.

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