Service Billing Software

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The service industry faces very unique challenges. In order to provide quality service to their clients, they need to make sure they have all the necessary resources to complete the job. This means that a company in the service industry needs to establish an accounting method that addresses inventory, scheduling, dispatching and invoicing.

In an effort to stay on top of the various components that go into scheduling and performing service calls, a company might decide to invest in service billing software. The software should be able to systematically track the inventory the company has in stock, and notify the operator when supply levels are low. It could also be configured to automatically accept service calls, schedule appointments, and dispatch technicians to the job site.

The invoicing portion of the service billing software should maintain a log of the parts or services the customer requested. This information should be retained and compared against the services the field technician actually performed. The software should then be able to reconcile the requested services to performed services and bill the clients accordingly.

Handheld Devices

Many of these service billing software products can be operated with handheld computers that the technician can carry with them out into the field. By using the handheld devices, a tech can immediately find out if a part is in stock or where their next appointment is located. Many of the devices also give the service technician the ability to print invoices at the job site.

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