Single Board Computers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Single board computers are the only viable solution for a host of different applications because they can be fitted into a restricted space. In addition, they are generally more robust than other types of computer system due to their simplicity. They come in a wide range of configurations, to meet individual requirements. Single board systems can be run on a number of different operating platforms.

Many industrial computer applications require the use of a single board setup. One major application for single board computers is for embedded systems, but in reality they are commonly used for commercial, industrial and even military applications. Some single board applications have been ruggedized for extreme environments, and may even be capable of withstanding very high or very low temperatures, according to their purpose.

Compact Computing

Single board computers are actually a complete computer built into a single printed circuit board. The configuration always centers around a single microprocessor. They will include a display controller, network interfaces and power supply, in addition to communication ports. They may also have FLASH memory as well as DRAM memory.

It is possible to purchase single board computers that are application ready, which means they can just be slotted into wherever they're needed and will be set to go. In most cases though, they need to be custom ordered for optimum effectiveness. For reliability, purchase single board computers from a reputable dealer with sufficient experience in the field.

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