Storage Solutions

Written by Patricia Skinner
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As both the use and size of networks grow, and as the amount of information a typical organization must deal with continues to burgeon, the technology wizards continue to scramble to find solutions to the problems that arise. One common difficulty is what to do with all the files that result from a typical operation. In fact, experts predict that the increase in the amount of data that requires storage will continue for a while, and that in the next five years over 75 percent of all hardware expenditure is expected to be on storage solutions.

Choosing Your Storage System

There are, however, a number of different storage solutions already in existence available to suit any system and any requirement. Basically there is network attached storage, or NAS, and direct attached storage, or DAS. There is also storage area network, or SAN.

For a larger network, where security is an issue, NAS is probably the best option. NAS devices are simpler to connect and manage, and are therefore more practical in a wide variety of situations. The simple installation and management means that management costs can be significantly lowered with NAS.

When choosing a storage system for your network, it is important to factor in costs and scalability as well as convenience of application. At present, over 95 percent of storage systems are DAS, so it's reasonable to expect that many organizations will make the switch to NAS or even SAN, once they realize the implications and how this can enhance their system for them.

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