Written by Kimberly Clark
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VocShop is a software company that has developed a suite of billing and time management software products. The software products developed by the company have been custom designed to meet the needs of the rehabilitation industry and have been available for use since 1986. The company is owned by a Kansas-owned technology firm named TBC, Inc.

The VocShop software incorporates all the Department of Labor (DOL) wage regulations pertinent to the rehabilitation industry. This includes, but is not limited to, such concerns as piece rates, commensurate wages, and special minimum wages. Any good management software suite should be well equipped to handle all the intricacies of compensating employees working for rehabilitative organizations such as sheltered workshops.

Software programs can also be used to stay on top of an organization's production costs. For sheltered workshops this is particularly important, especially considering how most of these rehabilitation agencies are contracted to perform assembly line type work. As such, many are compensated on a per unit completed basis, thus the need to have a definitive measure of their costs in relation to their output.

Legal Concerns

Quality software will also provide regularly updates to their products. This gives the user the added reassurance they are complying with all of the DOLs rules and regulations. Since all information can be stored centrally in the software, it can easily be retrieved in the event that they must undergo a DOL audit. There are a number of software providers on the market, however, and it can pay to look at the options. Some programs offer more integration, and some are simply better suited to specific industries.

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