Volunteer Organizations

Written by Linda Alexander
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Volunteer organizations are finally learning what the business world has known for years: A newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with customers, employees, or in this case, volunteers. Whether you produce an online or print newsletter doesn't matter, but the content of your newsletter does.

Newsletter Articles for Volunteer Organizations

You can have staff members write the articles or have volunteers put together their own newsletter. What kinds of articles should volunteer organizations include in their newsletters? The answer depends mainly on your mix of volunteers. But a good newsletter includes several of the following.

Human interest stories are wonderful for highlighting how your volunteers make a difference in the world and in your organization. Many volunteer organizations use these articles to highlight successes and showcase individual talents. Achievements lists are another item to include; they provide statistics about volunteer hours donated, money raised, and how much of a goal is left to accomplish.

Articles about events help spread enthusiasm among your volunteers as they gear up for another successful fundraiser or conference. You could also review recent events to thank your volunteers. But igniting hype for future events will boost participation and publicity.

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