Win Servers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Despite the best efforts of rival software companies, Microsoft's server applications are still by far the most popular. Their WIN Server programs are hard to beat, simply because they're compatible with other Microsoft programs, and with software made by other companies too. For many users, Microsoft products simply represent security.

They are the major software company in the world, and while we hear many complaints about Windows products, they still win out over rivals in terms of reliability and practicality. There is a wide range of WIN Server applications, to suit all needs. In fact, many servers are sold with WIN Server software already installed, in the same way that PCs and laptops are sold with a Windows platform readily installed.

Using Non-Microsoft Software

Of course, if you want to use some other server software, you can still purchase your server without WIN Server software. If you need additional applications to work with your WIN Server, you will have a choice of Microsoft programs and programs designed by other software companies to work with the Windows Server platform. Don't assume that your WIN server is ready to go when you purchase it though.

You'll need to also install a firewall and anti-virus application to protect your system. It is also essential to have some form of backup to avert server disasters. You will also need to check for compatibility with Windows before adding additional software. Although most other software companies strive for Windows compatibility, it isn't a given.

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