Winmail Servers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Email is now such a bulky project for any organization that a dedicated email server is one of the items on many companies shopping lists. Moving all your email functions onto one server can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your network. The pressure and volume of email can interfere with other functions; separating email from everything else can make your system instantly a lot more robust.

Advantages of Winmail

Many are choosing Winmail as an email server platform for a variety of reasons. First, it adapts well to just about any network environment. It can be connected up through any method, such as ADSL, ISDN, FTTB, cable modem, or even good old dial up.

Winmail can handle multiple domain names or allow many users access to one email account without difficulty. In addition, this server platform supports various different kinds of email software that is commonly in use. It is also fairly easy to configure with all of the major antivirus programs.

Winmail also allows for IMAP to allow users to access their mail on the server. This can be important for teams that are constantly on the move, and will allow for an element of mobility where necessary. Of course, Winmail allows for system backup and restore capabilities, which is a nice piece of insurance in today's uncertain world.

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