Wireless Projector Adaptors

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Increasingly, mobility is an issue with people everywhere. As information technology develops, our expectations are rising higher and higher. Our business environment demands ultimate flexibility and, increasingly, the ability to roam wherever our work takes us. One of the technological advancements that facilitates this flexibility is wireless technology.

Even inside the classroom, lecture hall, or meeting room, the ability to move around is greatly advantageous. When using computer equipment of any kind, one drawback has always been inconvenient cables trailing all over the place. They not only keep us tied to one location, they can pose a safety hazard. Being restricted to one spot that is convenient for electrical outlets is not always the best arrangement.

Presentation Freedom

Projectors for slideshows are the main culprits in this category. Anyone giving a presentation can easily trip themselves up on their own cables without a great deal of care. A wireless projector adapter can be a great convenience in any presentation situation. Used with a wireless laptop, and a wireless video gateway, presentations can be given just about anywhere.

Wireless projector adapters will only work if you have a wireless network adapter on your computer that will transmit video. Look for a product that will support most projectors and display devices; no guarantees that you will continue using one that you already have. Try and check your adapter out before you buy, as not all of them reproduce colors and images as well as we'd like.

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