Algebra Tutorials

Written by Tara Peris
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Many children, even those with solid math skills, require algebra tutorials from time to time. Introductory algebra courses are challenging because they present an array of new material, the diversity of which can tax even the most capable math student. Algebra tutorials can help to ensure success by targeting key course areas in a systematic manner.

Many students progress seamlessly through their first years of math schooling. They tackle basic number concepts and fractions with ease, making one think that algebra will be mastered as a natural extension of these skills. Although it is true that a strong foundation in basic math is necessary for mastering algebra, for many students it is not sufficient.

Quick Algebra Tutorials

A child may understand the concept of a variable with ease, and may have no difficulty simplifying basic equations. This same child, however, may have difficulty solving equations when presented in a word problem format. Difficulty with algebra emerges because students are required to demonstrate flexibility in their thinking and generalization of basic skills, abilities that might not emerge without extra assistance.

Quick algebra tutorials that target specific areas of difficulty are an excellent way to assist struggling students. They can be done with an in-home aid, which is arguably the most effective way to help a child learn difficult material. Alternatively, they can be done in a more cost-effective manner, by using some of today's great new math software.

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